Our prestigious central Oxford location

We are proud to be located at some of the best spots in Oxford. From the modern boarding house to the grand St George's Mansion, there are plenty of spaces for our students to learn, be creative, unwind and enjoy what this city has to offer.

We have four main buildings, all located within a 5 minute walk of each other:

Cherwell House: our boarding house

This is where our residential students enjoy much of their free time. It is a modern, comfortable house complete with en-suite study bedrooms, dining hall, home-cooked food, social area with TV/games, laundry room and a garden. It is situated just a few minutes from the train station - in fact you might even see it as your train approaches Oxford Station!

Cherwell House Garden En-suite bedroom at Cherwell House
Purpose built accommodation with garden
Comfortable en-suite study bedrooms
Canteen at Cherwell House  
Chinese New Year celebrations at Cherwell House
Boarder of the Term Award

St. George's Mansion: Our main academic centre 

This grand building lies on the corner where the famous Cornmarket Street meets George Street. You will be able to see the green spire long before you reach the building itself! Alongside the small-group and one-to-one teaching, this is where we host many of our student events including talks, debating, and other clubs. Our dedicated library is also a popular place for students to study in between lessons. The views across Oxford from the fifth floor are very impressive - it is always worth a look!

Front of Cherwell College Radcliffe Camera
View of St. George's Mansion from Cornmarket Street
In the heart of academic Oxford
Cherwell College Library
Our own library
Academic Awards ceremony

Frewin Court: Our science labs

Situated just off Cornmarket St, this houses our dedicated science labs and teaching rooms and contains all the facilities and equipment you'd expect for expert science teaching. Frewin Court is the perfect place to focus on lab work in either a one-to-one or small group setting.

Science at Cherwell College Front of Frewin Court
Group lab work at Frewin Court
Entrance to our labs
Front door of Frewin Court one-to-one science at Cherwell College
Frewin court is located just off Cornmarket Street
One-to-one lab work


The Oxford Union

Our students have privileged access to the Oxford Union, our neighbour at Frewin Court. Students can make use of the university's world-famous library and to attend the Union's prestigious debates and events.

Oxford Union tour of the Oxford Union
Our students have privileged access to the Oxford Union
Our students on an exclusive tour of the Union and its facilities


Cantay House: Our Art Studio

On the route between Cherwell House and St George's Mansion, Cantay House is where our students create their outstanding artwork, much of it as part of their coursework but also as part of our regular student Art Club. 

Art teaching at Cherwell College Cherwell College Art Club
One-to-one teaching at our Art Studio
Our studio is the perfect place to concentrate 
Student art Art class at Cherwell College
You may see this sculpture if you visit us!
Art Club


Cherwell College is in the heart of Oxford City surrounded by world class museums which boast some of the best collections in the world.

The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology on Beaumont Street, Oxford, England, is the world's first university museum.

The History of Science Museum in Broad Street, Oxford, England, holds a leading collection of scientific instruments from Middle Ages to the 19th century. 

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History, displays many of the University of Oxford's natural history specimens.

The much-loved Pitt Rivers Museum is unlike any other. Founded in 1884, it houses within an atmospheric building more than 500,000 objects, photographs and manuscripts from all over the world, and from all periods of human existence.

Our students are never far from nature in Oxford City, as just a short walk away is the University Parks. The River Thames, the oxford canal and Oxford Botanic Garden

On top of this our students enjoy regular educational trips, which take them further field to explore the rich history and wonders in the UK. 

We are extremely proud of our facilities and believe that they offer students the perfect balance between effective academic study, enrichment, and relaxation. 



Why not visit us and see Cherwell College for yourself? We would be delighted to welcome you!

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