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We keep you posted on the latest events and news from campus, and share brilliant stories from the first person. Discover the different education journeys of our students and get inspired by their success spark, and the way how Cherwell College helped them with the studies. And do not miss the news from campus, as life at Cherwell is never boring.

Debate Workshops Every Friday at Cherwell College Oxford

Posted on: 25th May 2022

We are back in season for the debate workshops! Every Friday afternoon, we assemble at the Admin & Study Center…

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Busy Weekends At Cherwell

Posted on: 16th May 2022

 The exams season of Trinity Term keeps our students busy. Nonetheless, we still manage to have reviving activities during the…

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Congratulations to Fred!

Posted on: 23rd March 2022

Congratulations to Fred on achieving a Silver Award for the Senior Physics Challenge! Fred has really done a great job…

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Student in Spotlight: Zuhayr

Posted on: 17th March 2022

Zuhayr, a Year 12 student at Cherwell College Oxford, he reads A-Level Maths, Biology and Chemistry, and aspires to a career…

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Quiz: How well do you know Oxford?

Posted on: 11th February 2022

Over the years, Cherwellians have been part of numerous tours and visits of the familiar (and not so familiar) sites…

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School Uniform: Yes or No?

Posted on: 04th February 2022

A topic of everlasting debates over the years – whether to stick to having compulsory school uniforms or give a…

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Meet our Academic Director for Science & Maths – Mubeen Ashraf 

Posted on: 28th January 2022

She ignites the fire of interest for science in the hearts of young Cherwellians, and it is the same fire…

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Too Old for Modern Times: GCSEs Fail to Prepare Children for the World of Tomorrow

Posted on: 19th January 2022

Society has changed a great deal since both exams and the curriculum were designed, and it is high time for…

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Oxbridge-Style Tutorial Method of Teaching

Posted on: 06th January 2022

Teach students to see things as they are, to go right to the point, to disentangle a skein of thought…

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The Concept of Blended Learning

Posted on: 22nd December 2021

This week in the spotlight – our A-Level student Ralina who sheds some light on the value of online learning,…

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The End of Michaelmas Term

Posted on: 16th December 2021

It’s been a full-on term for our Cherwellians! The Michaelmas Term is the longest but also feels like the shortest…

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Looking for a GCSE or Sixth Form place in Oxford?

Posted on: 01st December 2021

Places remaining for January 2022, register before 10 December 2021 Whether you are intending to study or retake A-Levels or…

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“The Interface between Science & Society” by Fred

Posted on: 24th November 2021

Science is more relevant to society than ever before; from pandemics and vaccines to the advent of artificial intelligence, science…

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Tour of the Oxford Union

Posted on: 17th November 2021

A new cohort of young Cherwellians has recently been given a tour of the Oxford Union. Since its foundation, Cherwell…

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Overprotecting Our Children

Posted on: 10th November 2021

Overprotecting our children: How to strike a balance between being a caring parent and giving the necessary space to a…

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The Leaders Council: Cherwell College Oxford in Spotlight

Posted on: 03rd November 2021

Early October Cherwell College Oxford was in the spotlight at the Leaders’ Council newsfeed. As the decade-long School Rebuilding Programme…

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Posted on: 27th October 2021

Following the research of Dr Lara Boyd, a Neuroscientist and Physical Therapist at the University of British Columbia, that has…

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Modern IT & AI development

Posted on: 14th October 2021

The field of Artificial Intelligence has shown an upward trend of growth in the early 21st century. Almost 5 decades…

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