Welcome to Cherwell College Oxford

Are you looking for a GCSE or Sixth Form place in Oxford?

If you are looking to study or retake A-Levels or GCSEs then Cherwell College Oxford could be the perfect place for you. We consider all student applications equally and are looking for individuals who have a hunger to succeed. We also recognise that no two students are the same and everyone's educational journey is different.

Whether you are studying A-Levels or GCSEs for the first time, are looking to re-sit or simply just want to study one or two subjects then we can offer the support you need.

Our students enjoy small group classes supported by one-to-one tuition

This is seen by many as the Gold Standard of UK education and reflects the teaching model offered at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.



"I've noticed such a positive change since he joined Cherwell College"

For many, this personal approach means that they can cover far more ground in the same amount of time and end up better prepared for their exams as a result.

If you are interested in a truly personal approach to education then please contact us today


See how Cherwell College helped Lily with her studies

Lily joined Cherwell College from another boarding school in the UK. Here she explains what it was about Cherwell College that helped her achieve her potential.