Cherwell College Oxford Students compete at the CIFE Football Tournament 2024

CIFE Football Tournament 2024
Cherwellians L-R, Modupe, Vova, Yordan, Aleksei, Freddie, Frederick, Samuel, Ivan, Joshua, James and Theo

CIFE Football Tournament 2024: Cherwell College Oxford recently competed in the CIFE Football Tournament 2024, which brought together 14 teams made up of A-Level Year 12 and 13 students, for a day of seven a side football full of spirited competition and camaraderie. The tournament was hosted at Oxford City Football Club’s, ‘The RAW Charging Stadium’, a stadium all too familiar for Cherwellians, meaning each match felt like a home fixture!

Under the mentorship of Cherwell College Oxford’s PE tutor and football coach, Adam, the students embarked on an enriching journey.

The CIFE Tournament format featured two leagues of seven teams, with the top four in each progressing into the quarterfinals. Despite facing tough opposition, Cherwell’s team embraced the challenge wholeheartedly, and although they didn’t advance into the quarterfinals, the experience served as a valuable learning opportunity for the players, exposing students to the intensity of tournament football, fostering resilience and working as a team.

Cherwell College Oxford Student

Adam, reflecting on the tournament, highlighted its significance in providing the students with a break from their school routine and a chance to test their skills against top-tier opponents who had travelled to Oxford from colleges across the UK. For Adam, most importantly, he found the tournament offered a platform for Cherwellians to showcase their abilities and grow both as individuals and athletes.

The tournament provided a spotlight for individual achievements, including Samuel and Madupe’s notable performances on the field, both finding themselves on the score sheet. Samuel’s contribution with a goal for Cherwell lifted spirits, earning recognition from proud students standing beside him on the pitch, and from the tutors back in the College. After the tournament, Chelsea fan Samuel, stated his favourite players to learn from are ‘Kevin De Bruyne, Luca Modric and Jude Bellingham’, and added with a smile, ‘I am beginning to enjoy myself more and more on the field’. Samuel’s goal even led to a unique reward, his houseparent shaving their beard!

CIFE Tournament

As Cherwell College Oxford look ahead to future tournaments, the lessons learned, and experiences gained at the CIFE Football Tournament will undoubtedly have a positive impact. Students Joshua, Theo and James believed once the team became more tactically astute, they would stand a better chance in next year’s tournament. Under Adam’s guidance, and a newfound hunger to succeed, the students continue to thrive, not just as athletes and teammates, but also as resilient, well-rounded individuals prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead on and off the field.

More about Cherwell’s PE tutor and Football Coach, Adam:

In addition to honing young footballing talents and teaching PE at Cherwell College Oxford, Adam runs a football academy where he ensures all players cover essential aspects including nutrition, recovery, and fitness. Drawing from his own experiences as a player, he emphasises the significance of proper hydration, recovery routines, and instilling healthy habits that extend beyond the pitch.

While not every student may wish to pursue a professional football career, Adam emphasised the importance of exploring various pathways in the sport for those who do, as he relays ‘1/40,000 children make it into the professional game nowadays. Sadly, in most cases, becoming professional isn’t going to happen. So, there are other pathways to explore, coaching is an option, refereeing is another option, the football industry offers diverse opportunities for passionate individuals to contribute to and thrive.’ However, Adam has seen children who work to hard make it, as he shared a success story which recently saw a player he coached, sign a two-year scholarship with Premier League team, Fulham FC.

Adam’s commitment also extends to inclusive initiatives, including working with children with disabilities to make football accessible to all. Through partnerships with special educational needs colleges, and local football clubs, one of Adam’s main aims is to create inclusive environments where every individual can enjoy the beautiful game.