A look back at the first half of the Academic Year at Cherwell College Oxford

As the academic calendar unfurls, Cherwell College Oxford stands at the threshold of an exciting new chapter, poised to redefine the boundaries of educational excellence. In the spirit of anticipation, we eagerly await the dawn of the upcoming year, brimming with innovative programmes, enriching experiences, and a commitment to nurturing the minds of future changemakers.

As Cherwellians take a moment to pause for the winter holidays, here is a brief look back, reliving some of the key moments from the Michaelmas (Autumn) Term 2023 at Cherwell College Oxford.

BMOE Fall 2023

Cutting-Edge Education

Cherwell College Oxford continues to set itself apart by offering a cutting-edge and globally relevant education. The AI & Robotics Club, The Debate Club at The Oxford Union and collaborations with UC Berkeley, which have all so far have been a great success, are just a few examples which demonstrate the institution’s commitment to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills. Cherwell College positions itself as a hub for exploring emerging fields, shaping future changemakers, and providing students with unparalleled opportunities beyond the traditional academic realm.

Cherwell College Oxford students engage in 'Debate Club'

Cherwell College Engages in UK Parliament Week

Cherwell College Oxford students actively participated in UK Parliament Week, immersing themselves in lively debates, quizzes, and discussions about politics and civic engagement. The week meant students gained valuable insights into the political landscape. The engagement extended beyond the classroom, with the college’s Debate Club taking the spotlight at the prestigious Oxford Union, further showcasing Cherwell’s commitment to fostering political awareness and active participation, as well as attending a Peace Conference in Oxford.

Former Premier League Star Andriy Shevchenko Supports Oxbridge Foundation

Cherwell College Oxford is making waves beyond academics with the newly launched Oxbridge Foundation. Former Premier League star Andriy Shevchenko, a Ballon d’Or winner, joined hands with the Foundation to provide educational opportunities for students affected by conflict. Established by Cherwell College Oxford’s Principal, Stephen Clarke, and Vice Principal, Helen Clarke, the Oxbridge Foundation aims to raise funds for dislocated Ukrainian students who have been affected by the war and whose opportunities are significantly impacted as a result of ongoing hostilities. The foundation’s impact is already evident through AI & Innovation summer camps and Entrepreneurship bootcamps, showcasing Cherwell’s commitment to global education.

Cherwell College Oxford Podcast Photo 3

Podcasting Academic Excellence

Cherwell College Oxford is proud to introduce its podcast series, offering an immersive journey into the minds behind the institution. In the inaugural episode, the distinguished Politics and History tutor, Mr Sean Murphy, takes centre stage with host Katya Kryvonos. Sean, a former media professional with a rich background in British and American Politics, brings a unique blend of experiences to academia. The podcast series promises candid conversations with passionate educators, unveiling the diverse academic backgrounds and innovative teaching methods that define Cherwell College Oxford. It’s an exciting venture into the heart of academic excellence.

Episode 2 delves into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the esteemed Yash Bhalgat. A DPhil researcher at the University of Oxford and AI consultant for startups, Yash shares his insights into the world of AI. This episode promises an exciting exploration of how Cherwell College pushes the boundaries of modern education, blending technology and academia.

Episode 3 features a conversation between Sean Murphy and Alan Carter, providing valuable insights into education, university admissions, and future career paths. Alan, a Senior Academic Advisor, sheds light on Cherwell’s distinctive approach, preparing students for admission to top-tier universities. The episode explores crafting stellar personal statements, navigating the UCAS application process, and provides diverse perspectives on the evolving landscape of education. It’s an indispensable resource for students, parents, and educators alike, showcasing Cherwell’s commitment to guiding students toward dynamic future trajectories.

‘I Love Christmastime’ single featuring the Cherwell College Oxford Choir

‘I Love Christmastime’ single featuring the Cherwell College Oxford Choir

Cherwell College Oxford recently celebrated their Christmas party with their large international and talented Cherwellian family. A hot topic at the party was the newly released ‘I Love Christmastime’ single by The Gleeman, which the Cherwell College Oxford Ukrainian Children’s Choir featured on.

‘I Love Christmastime’ is written from the perspective of a child, remembering the wonder and innocence of Christmas as a happy time. The single and accompanying video was created on behalf of War Child UK, who have programmes in Ukraine working with refugees and the government and are officially sanctioned to provide the state curriculum to their diaspora – the children displaced by the war. Cherwell students were also interviewed by Bob Harris, OBE at Evolution Studios Oxford.

The single ‘I Love Christmastime’ is now available on all major streaming services and you can also click here to watch the behind the scenes of the recording.

Merry Christmas!

Cherwell College Oxford eagerly anticipates the second half of the upcoming academic year, brimming with excitement for the myriad of educational opportunities it holds. As a college committed to providing a cutting-edge and globally relevant education, we invite all prospective students and those seeking enriching learning experiences that transcend the ordinary, to connect with us. Whether you’re aspiring for top-tier university admissions, exploring innovative programmes, or engaging in dynamic civic activities, Cherwell College is poised to offer a transformative educational journey.

Merry Christmas!

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