Episode 2: Exploring AI in Education

Welcome back to Episode 2 our newly launched Cherwell College Oxford podcast series.

In the upcoming episodes, we will explore the minds behind the institution: our passionate staff and tutors, uncovering their personal stories and experiences. We will also delve into what we do as an institution, what we teach and most importantly how we teach it, pondering on a deeper question of the meaning of modern education.

Get ready for our next guest and stay tuned for insightful conversations that bring Cherwell College to life.

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Meet our Guest: Yash Bhalgat

In Episode 2, we are honoured to introduce Yash Bhalgat, a DPhil researcher at the University of Oxford. Yash is a member of the Visual Geometry Group (VGG), specialising in Artificial Intelligence and its applications in 3D Computer Vision. Yash also serves as an AI Consultant for startups SoftEye Inc. and GoBubble Ltd, focusing on AI for Smart Glasses. Originally from India, he holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

Previously, Yash was a Research Scientist at Qualcomm AI Research in San Diego, where he played a vital role in advancing Edge Computing, the technology that empowers most AI applications on our smartphones today.

Moreover, while in Oxford, Yash conducts weekly AI & Robotics seminars for our GCSE and A-Level students at Cherwell College Oxford. He also serves as a tutor and course leader for our AI & Innovation Summer Camp, which takes place every August.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Yash has a deep passion for Tabla, an Indian percussion instrument. (You can find more about this in our show notes!)

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Stay Tuned and Enjoy

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