Lily Vorhies

"I loved that I could work at a pace I’m most comfortable with"

I have participated in Cherwell College Oxford’s Easter and Winter Revision Programmes since my GCSEs, and decided to move to Cherwell full-time last year, for my final year of A-Level studies. 

I took up Literature, Psychology and Mathematics for my A-Levels. I enjoyed and benefitted immensely from the one-to-one tutorial set up. The tutorial system enables the student to work at a pace most suited to their individual learning patterns. I loved that I could work at a pace I’m most comfortable with – especially with Literature, which is a subject I feel most passionate about. 

With Literature I felt I could really get my teeth in the subject– study not only the set texts, but around the subject matter thereby allowing me to really engage with the content.

Cathy, my Literature tutor, has so much experience and she immediately understood my learning needs. She is very passionate about literature and is a teacher that I can not only learn from, but share some of my interests in with.

It’s been an interesting year for me. All my tutors are very passionate about their individual disciplines, making my tutorial experience most engaging. At the same time, life at Cherwell House is a perfect mix of different cultures and ideas. I am surrounded by students who have such vastly different interests that it has prepared me, I feel, for life at University. 

Joey Chen

"What makes one-to-one tuition so beneficial is that the student receives the tutor’s full attention"

What makes one-to-one tuition so beneficial is that the student receives the tutor’s full attention. This is not possible in a large classroom set-up. Through Cherwell’s expert tuition I have been able to complete an (I)GCSE programme at just 15 years. I had the freedom to dictate the pace of the lesson, go over things quickly when I understood them, and go over things in greater detail when I needed more time. I actually finished my entire Science syllabus by December! This allowed me to focus on exam technique and thorough revision for the rest of the two terms.

I loved my accommodation, Cherwell House, which has a lovely yard, green garden and modern facilities including en-suite bedrooms.

Overall, I am grateful to Cherwell College – tutors and staff for their work, support and care in my everyday life here.

Camilla Cresswell

"I will hold found memories of my time here"

I am very thankful for my time at Cherwell. The college have been very flexible and allowed me to begin my A-Level studies (Economics, History and French) half way through the first year and to flourish in the tutorial system. This enabled me to learn in a more effective and personal way than perhaps I would have in another school.

Cherwell has been a wonderful place to meet new people from all over the world, helping me broaden my horizons. The skills I have learnt will definitely be useful at university and I will hold found memories of my time here.

Christoffer Ulander

"My tutor, Ross Logan, is the best teacher I’ve ever had."

Cherwell’s one-to-one tuition made it possible to really improve upon my weaknesses– I did not get this kind of attention and focus in larger classes. I liked that I could ask to focus on a particular topic or go over a topic slightly quicker depending on my own understanding.

I want to pursue my undergraduate degree in Business Management, and in this regard, Economics is a subject I feel really passionate about. My tutor, Ross Logan, is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He’s professional, dedicated and makes the subject really interesting. I don’t think I’ve had to look over my textbooks before the exams as the notes I take down in class are very comprehensive. His way of teaching makes it very easy to structure and tackle essay questions, which is an important part of the economics exam.

I have enjoyed this past year at Cherwell College, especially at Cherwell House, the College’s accommodation building. The small community of students has made it interesting, and I have formed strong bonds with people from across the globe. 

Haiqi Wu

"My first year at Cherwell was also my first year in the UK. I was initially nervous"

My first year at Cherwell was also my first year in the UK. I was initially nervous about studying in a new country but the members of staff and my fellow classmates made this transition really easy.

I took up Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry as my A-Level subjects. I enjoyed and benefitted immensely from the one-to-one tutorial set up. My tutors often used some interesting examples during the lessons when I got stuck at some points. The tutorial system also works to reduce any distraction during the learning process.

Life at Cherwell involves a good mix of extra-curricular activities and academics. Since we moved to our new accommodation building, situated at the heart of Oxford, students have found a place to bond with each other - whether in our gardens or in the common area. I would describe my stay at Cherwell as comfortable, as each student has an en-suite room to themselves. Regular meals are served, and we have termly Gala Dinners as well.

People in Cherwell are so nice and have always been keen to help me. I especially thank our welfare, who explained to me again and again how the admission process works and led me overcome the most stressful period when I was preparing for my interview at Oxford University.

The last two years have been memorable for me, and I hope students will continue to benefit from life at Cherwell.

Maria Liu

Cherwell was very welcoming and non-judgmental

When I first came to Cherwell I was low on self-confidence owing to some bad exam results but Cherwell was very welcoming and non-judgmental. Over time, I no longer felt anxiety when going to chemistry lessons and began to fill in any gaps in knowledge and honed exam techniques. This was my first experience at a boarding school. The accommodation is comfortable, everything is within walking distance. I’ve made a lot of excellent friends and have enjoyed getting to know Oxford with them.

Overall, although I am very excited to go to University, it has been quite bittersweet leaving what has been my home for the past one year. I would like to thank my Cherwell family and it’s comforting to know that I will be going to University with some of my closest friends.

Pengzhou Wang

it is difficult to overestimate my tutor's input

My Art tutor, Graham, must be one of the best teachers of Art in Oxford and I am really grateful to him for the great progress we made within the last half of the year in preparing my portfolio, which was the most challenging part of my academic programme.

When I started my studies at Cherwell College I didn't have Art foundation at all. I highly praise everything that Graham has done for me, which finally allowed me to apply to Cambridge and UCL for Architecture.

Sessions in Art are the most important part of my A-level programme, it is difficult to overestimate his input into my academic preparation including annotations and preparation for exams. Graham perfectly understood me and always encouraged me to perform at my best.

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