Availbable Subjects:

• Art & Design

• Biology

• Business Studies

• Chemistry

• Chinese

• Double Award Science

• Economics

• English Language

• English Literature

• French

• Geography

• German

• History

• Italian

• Latin

• Mathematics

• Physics

• Religious Studies

• Russian

• Spanish


One-to-one Tuition

All GCSE students receive individual tuition in all their GCSE subjects. This may be supplemented by group practical or field work, as required.

Choice of subjects

Cherwell College offer a full range of (I)GCSE subjects from which students may choose their ideal combination (with compulsory English and Mathematics). Usually, students at Cherwell study for five or six subjects, to ensure that quality is prioritised over quantity. Taking too many subjects may ultimately compromise the final result.

GCSEs taken over two years

Students who join the College to sit their (I)GCSE examinations for the first time usually prepare for their GCSEs over a period of two academic years.

Flexible start dates

Given the personalised courses on offer at Cherwell College, it is possible for students to join us at any time in the year. This means it is possible for students to continue their GCSEs with us after ceasing their studies elsewhere


It is possible for students to arrange re-sits for GCSE examinations at Cherwell College. This is supported by individual tuition in the desired subject areas, by our specialist and experienced tutors.

IGCSEs – the international educational qualification.

The International GCSE, known as IGCSE, can be combined with regular GCSE subjects.. With such a high degree of flexibility, we are able to advise and offer the most appropriate course to each student. Our GCSE course are, however, intensive and demand commitment from our students.

Post-GCSE considerations

The majority of students preparing for either GCSE or IGCSE continue into the Sixth form to study A-levels. Advice on the most appropriate A-level subjects chosen for further study is offered by the Academic department and the Principal. It is important that a prospective A-level student is made familiar with not only the wide choice of subjects available at the College, but also upon the subjects which are best suited to them; in making this choice, we look at students’ academic strengths and the likely demands of their proposed university.



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