A Levels - Q&A

How many A Levels should I take?

We suggest studying towards 3 A Levels. Some students choose a 4th but this is only advisable if the student really feels they can cope with the extra workload. There are no university courses in the UK that require four subjects and it is generally better to have 3 good grades  than 4 lower grades. We do, however, suggest that students consider the Extended Project Qualification. This is a research based course where students produce a dissertation on a subject of their choice. The qualification is well regarded by most UK universities, looks great on a CV and personal statement and offers excellent study skills which will complement A Level and degree level study.

What subjects should I study?

There are two approaches to this question. One approach is to work out what career you'd like to go into or what you'd like to study at university and then work backwards. For example, a degree in Law would require good essay and reading based subjects such as History, English Literature or Politics. An A Level in Law is not required though we do offer it at Cherwell College. Careers in business management or finance will require a combination of mathematics and critical thinking based courses such as Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics or Politics (note however that some universities do not accept both Economics and Business studies). For more information on required A Level subjects for each degree course, consult the UCAS website (www.ucas.ac.uk).

The alternative approach is to decide what you like now and choose those subjects for A Level. There is little point in studying subjects which you don't enjoy - you are not as likely to do well if you don't like the class! If you know you enjoy reading and writing essays then choose subjects which are weighted towards that. If you love analysing data or enjoy coursework then consider Geography, Psychology or Business. If you love science then go for those subjects. 

If you need more advice on choosing your A-levels, please see CIFE, our partner website, where useful advice articles are posted on a regular basis.

When can I start?

The personalised nature of the tutorial system at Cherwell College means that students may join the College and embark upon their studies at any point in the academic year. This is somewhat unique as the vast majority of UK schools have September start dates and only offer mid-term enrollment in exceptional circumstances. Not only can a student join Cherwell College at any time (including international students) but in many cases they can also begin their course at any point.

Generally speaking A Levels require two years of study but we are able to offer fast-track courses in some cases where we feel the student will cope with the workload. Please contact us for a personal consultation to find out more. 

I would like to know more

Then please get in touch! We have a number of expert tutors who would be happy to talk to you about what options are available.

Please contact us to book a personal consultation.


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