Students go Green for Oxford!

7th December 2017

On the morning of Sunday 3rd December, two ambassadors of Cherwell College’s Green team took part in a cleaning/collecting of rubbish and litter in front of, and around the Cherwell House grounds. The students had become concerned about the amount of rubbish that was located around Cherwell House, and took it upon themselves to clean this up, so that the accommodation building looked much cleaner and tidier.

Amongst the rubbish, the common thing that was found was cigarette ends. This was particularly concerning as the College rules state that there is to be no smoking within 200m of the premises of Cherwell House.

Keeping the area around Cherwell House is priority to the Green Team, and during the new Hilary Term, the Green Team would like to incorporate a fortnightly cleaning of the grounds of Cherwell House in association with the new House system which is being introduced. We feel that this will help to minimise the litter and rubbish from building up around Cherwell House. 

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