Celebrating Oxfordshire Art Weeks

31st May 2018

As part of Art Weeks in Oxford, Cherwell College Artists presented their work to the visiting guests at our open event on Saturday.  Their art work has been influenced by David Hockney, Gursky, McQueen and others.

This was a brilliant exhibition followed by an inspiring and captivating  talk from our very own Harry Craton. Harry is studying History and English Literature at Cherwell College Oxford and took time out of his A Level revision to give an excellent talk. He spoke about cultural development of Art, Music and Literature in 60's and how they were influenced by the Cold War and nuclear threat across US and Europe.

Students and guests were keen to learn about the 'hippie' countercultural explosion in the US and UK and how it influenced Blues Rock, most famously in the Beatles music.

Harry compared this to the West German musical development which was fuelled by post second world war division between Russia and the West. We learnt that German avant-garde music has been experimenting with electronic music for more than a decade, and the first German rock bands fused psychedelic rock from abroad with their own electronic sounds.

The next few years saw the formation of a group of bands that came to be known as Krautrock or Kosmische Musik groups; these included Amon Düül, who later became the world music pioneers Dissidenten, Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Can, Neu! and Faust.

We look forward to few more interesting talks coming soon - to find more please click the links below to follow us on social media:


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