Biology students enjoy an Oxford Uni lecture

5th February 2018

On Friday 2nd February our A Level Bilology students took a trip to Oxford Martin School to hear a lecture on Evolutionary Biology from Professor Andreas Wagner. One of the many advantages of our central Oxford Location is being able to so easily take our students to these superb lectures, which not only enlighten and educate but also help students get a feel for what lectures at a top university will be like.

Of the lecture, Year 13 student Abigail Greenfield wrote:

Last Friday, the 2nd of February, we went to the Oxford Martin School to attend a public lecture on ‘The Power of Recombination to Create Innovation’ by Prof. Andreas Wagner. Professor Wagner is an Austrian evolutionary biologist and Chairman of the Institute Of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Zurich. The way in which he delivered the lecture was easy to follow as he used analogies of how the technology of Recombination is simply using the combination of old parts to create a new system. For example, similar to the wheel barrow which combines the lever and the wheel. Wagner then went on to apply this in terms of biology explaining the importance of metabolism, a pathway of chemical reactions, in understanding the use of Recombination to innovate and its power. It was a great lecture, for me especially, as over the last two weeks I have been learning about Recombinant DNA in my biology tutorials so it was really interesting to see how this technology is used by a top scientist.

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