Debate Club

(moderated by Sean Murphy)
Every Friday
4pm – 5pm

Essentially, the British Parliamentary Debating System is one of the most popular styles of intercollegiate debating competitions in the world.

Our weekly Debate Club here at Cherwell focuses on the discussion of current affairs and topical controversies by our students interested in Sociology, Philosophy, History, and Politics. The Club is led by Mr Sean Murphy, a former BBC researcher and now a senior History and Politics tutor here at Cherwell.

Each round of debate focuses on a different motion, or topic. In recent weeks the fruitful discussion covered the topics of voting age, together with democracy and dictatorship.
The debate has two opposing sides: the Proposition, or the Government, and the Opposition.

Both sides are divided into the opening and closing groups, and such four groups are formed by two speakers each. The Government opens the debate, and the Opposition delivers the final argument. Each speaker presents one speech, with the Chair indicating the end of the allotted time with a gavel.

By functioning in such a way, the Debate Club is a fantastic opportunity for students to meet other interested (and argumentative) likeminded peers, develop their confidence and analytical skills, and to explore the art of “organized arguing” in an energetic club environment.

debate club cherwell
  • Start: 4:00 pm
  • Venue: SGM