Why Study Science?

Whether you have an aptitude for Medicine or you are inclined to Engineering, the thinking skills you acquire through the study of science are second to none.

As Professor Bernard Shaw is quoted as saying ‘All problems are finally scientific problems’.  A human being is born with an inquisitive mind. As a baby looking around, using senses to grow in mind and body. As a toddler, the child learns to talk, read, remember, to play. Then through their youth becomes stronger, grows bigger, learns new skills, and knowledge is acquired.

Throughout life, science is in play. All around in the wider world and within us IS science. This is why science is so important as a core subject for humankind to be engrossed with.

The skills acquired when learning science are relevant and applicable to all subjects studied and chosen as career and life paths. The student of science refines critical thinking and problem-solving skills.