The End of Trinity Term 

Trinity Term is the last term in the academic year (before the long-awaited summer break!) and it is usually very busy for the entire College community. All the efforts and hard work of our students, tutors and the team culminate in the final round of GCSE and A-Level examinations. However, despite the hectic and stressful period of exams, the Trinity Term 2022 has given us many causes for joy, celebration, and inspiration for the future! 

Our penultimate-year A-Level students had an inspiring trip to the city of Bath for the University of BathOpen Day, where they had a chat with members of the Student Union and discovered different projects they can get involved in as undergraduate students at Bath.

When sixth-form students visit the universities, they are not just able to gain a better understanding of a particular subject or discipline they are interested in pursuing at an undergraduate level but also learn more about where a particular subject or discipline can lead them in terms of their future professional careers. These visits ignite a flame of curiosity to delve deeper into the subjects they are already studying as a part of their A-Level course and in which they strive to excel in further at a university level. 

The pinnacle of the Trinity Term was a weekend full of emotions – our End-Of-Term Gala Dinner & Leavers’ Party! The Leavers and the Remainers have enjoyed a BBQ at Cherwell House garden setting. Saying Goodbye is not easy, as together we have spent many days of both hard work and leisure, laughs and tough moments. Together, we set goals and have gradually reached them, supporting each other along the way, meeting new friends, and making memories! 

The warmth of English weather coincided with the warm moments we shared together. The Leavers’ BBQ Party with tutors, house parents, and members of the College staff was full of taste and cheer, good words, and surprise gifts. The after-gala event at Cherwell House has been highlighted with words of praise and congratulations from the younger students, who are remaining with us for one more year. The seniors have become a brilliant example for them to follow. The funny videos they created for the Leavers gave them a good laugh and melted their hearts. Music from the multitalented tutor Leo was the highlight of the event. The end of the exam season marks the joyful end of the academic year, and for those finishing their A-Levels, it’s an exciting yet sentimental time: transition from school to a university. 

With another academic year now over, we’d like to wish all of our students and tutors a wonderful summertime!

Students in Oxford