The Concept of Blended Learning

This week in the spotlight – our A-Level student Ralina who sheds some light on the value of online learning, based on her own experience at Cherwell College Oxford.

Studying online can be exciting but also a tumultuous yet valuable experience. Lately, we have all faced the inevitability of switching to online mode in both educational and professional settings. Luckily, at Cherwell, we managed to ensure uninterrupted education for our students and deliver Oxford excellence through developing a concept of blended learning.

Read more on the topic in Ralina’s mini-article Value of Online below, or watch a short video with Ralina talking about her experience:

Value of online 

Studying online has been an exciting but also tumultuous and valuable experience. Luckily, at College, studying was purely an insightful experience, by managing to effortlessly deliver Oxford excellence through academia and enrichment activities purely online. Cherwell College has conducted multiple, highly-anticipated events this past term; Parliament Week with MP: Annalise Dodds, professional talks with Dr. Edward Clarke, who dove deep about exploring the religious and philosophical contexts of the world’s known masterpieces, and had introductory masterclasses about Artificial Development in the Contemporary IT world in the 20th Century, with a notable speaker from Berkeley University. On top of these fascinating events, every day, I get to have all of my tutors conduct their scheduled lessons productively and make steady progress for my A-Level studies, as well as be able to communicate with other students from the College the same way I would have if I was presently studying at Oxford. Therefore, the value of online learning at Cherwell is not only well understood but also constantly improving. Needless to say, the value of online learning has been beneficial for my development as a student, but also as a person who is naturally curious about constantly evolving and growing with knowledge. 


Ralina is a Year 12 student at Cherwell College Oxford. She reads Maths, History, and Psychology but has an entrepreneurial spark and aspires to a career in Business.