Meet our Academic Director for Science & Maths – Mubeen Ashraf 

She ignites the fire of interest for science in the hearts of young Cherwellians, and it is the same fire she has carried throughout her education, research and professional career.

Educated in London and Oxford, with the 1st Class Honours Degree in Medical Biochemistry, Mubeen Ashraf was selected for a graduate research programme in California. On returning to Oxford, she was granted a position at the world-famous Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM), where she had an opportunity to work with expert scientists and medical consultants, who were using medical research in their medical practice. Whilst at the WIMM, Mubeen participated in international conferences, met fellow scientists, exchanged knowledge and learnt different techniques which she could then use for her medical research at the WIMM. On completion of her research, Mubeen had taken up positions within the science-industrial sector before she started her teaching career.

With the depth of knowledge and first-hand experience of the application of science, Mubeen has taught at a number of international schools both abroad and in the UK. 

Finally, on her return to Oxford, Mubeen has been invited to head the Science and Mathematics Department at Cherwell College Oxford and share her experience and passion for these subjects.

The Science and the Mathematics Departments are the largest at Cherwell College, with the three main sciences offered: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The bespoke nature of the College offers students a programme of study that is tailored for their individual learning needs, both at GCSE and A-Level. Due to the tutorial system the College operates on, tutors give students an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, understanding both the theory and application of science. 

One of the perks of being a student at Cherwell College is to work with and to be taught by tutors who are experts in their field and have a passion for their subject. Together with Mubeen Ashraf, the students’ love for science goes beyond the classroom walls. In addition to Mubeen assisting the student cohort in running the Science Club, every year Cherwell College participates in the Oxford Science Festival, which is a unique opportunity to take part in. The Festival presents a contemporary mix of scientific ideas, and allows the public to navigate a range of creativity in technology, which is essential and exciting in the times that we live. 

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