Debate & Current Affairs Club is officially back!

Last Friday, we reintroduced our most popular and longstanding Debate & Current Affairs Club led by our esteemed tutor in History and Politics – Mr Sean Murphy. The first meeting saw some heated discussions on very pressing and topical issues such as the Russian war in Ukraine, riots in Iran, the hijab ban in France and why the monarchy still matters.

Within the first meeting, we had chosen topics of interest to debate as well as set out our goals for the term. The next meeting will be dedicated to a discussion of cancel culture revolving around J.K. Rowling and her comments on transgender women. We hope to see you there next Friday at 4 pm!

Why join a Debate Club?

Participating in debate gives students an improved perspective on the world around them: they learn about important issues in politics, public policy, and philosophy and gain a better appreciation for the diverse perspectives that make up the public sphere. Everyone has opinions, and it is important to have your own and honour the other opinion, and still have the stage of Debate Club and “find the truth”. 🙂

Debate & Current Affairs Club