Busy Weekends At Cherwell

 The exams season of Trinity Term keeps our students busy. Nonetheless, we still manage to have reviving activities during the weekend to keep the spirits up! This tends to help everyone re-energise and keep the stress levels down.. Fresh air, inspiring nature, and long walks are making it the best possible way.
We have been blessed with good sunny days in the past couple of weeks, which gave us a chance to have the Orienteering in the University Parks. We have upgraded our navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate in diverse and unfamiliar terrain. That was a good day for a workout! And a sweet treat of ice cream during a sunny day was so well deserved.
Last Sunday’s drizzle and the surprising English weather had no chances to scare Cherwellians off from the planned punting and great time spent by the river. Pedalo boats encouraged a great leg workout. Many more exciting activities are to come! Meanwhile, Cherwellians have to dive into the new busy week with exams. Good luck!