The Leaders Council: Cherwell College Oxford in Spotlight

Early October Cherwell College Oxford was in the spotlight at the Leaders’ Council newsfeed. As the decade-long School Rebuilding Programme has been finally launched to level up education, Cherwell College received an honour to be mentioned as one of the educational institutions making an impact and shaping the education sector in the UK. 

The School Rebuilding Programme will carry out major rebuilding and refurbishment projects at schools and sixth form colleges across England, with all new buildings to operate with reduced energy and to be net zero carbon by 2050. 

Along with it, the upcoming COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow will showcase how school sites are to be made more sustainable and eco-friendlier, with ministers to promote climate change education and encourage the next generations to support biodiversity and consider their impact on the planet.

It is further researched on how school buildings could lower their carbon footprint even further by constructing the school sites with the increased use of outdoor spaces within school builds, and more energy-efficient ways to power buildings.

Cherwell College Oxford is one co-educational boarding and day school that has been investing in the future with regards to its facilities for some time. Along with outstanding modern teaching and boarding facilities, the College provides a perfect place for students to unwind after a long day – the garden provides a great outdoor space to enjoy the natural environment and some games, as well as barbecues in the summer months.

Independent schools of Cherwell College Oxford’s ilk have set the standards for how education in the UK should be delivered. All those involved in the education sector are anticipating to observe the next decades of changes set by the governmental programme. And Cherwell College Oxford proudly continues changing and shaping the education sector to provide better learning outcomes for its students, ensuring their well-being, and taking part in the overall sustainability effort.

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