Anxiety of Assessments

This year, as last, students had to study in unfamiliar, uncertain situations and face the anxiety of assessments. Feelings of worry and fear of failure that occur before or during exams, have now become different in the “new normal”. When usually a student had to experience extreme stress, anxiety, and discomfort during or before taking an exam, now it has been accompanied by disorientation and a requirement to adjust to unexpected changes in assessment requirements.

While some students have thrived this year, others have become demotivated, which inadvertently impacted on their performance throughout the year and their final grades.

Researches evidence the high levels of emotional distress to be directly related to reduced academic performance and achievements. Both test and assessment anxiety can have further consequences, negatively affecting social, emotional, and behavioural development of a child, which does not help in forming a healthy attitude to academic studies.

There may be many reasons why a student has not received the grade that was hoping for. Whatever the case, ‘worse than expected’ results shouldn’t bring students down for too long and hold them back from trying again. Cherwell College is there to support and give a knowledge boost to the students, whatever the situation. Revision and exam retakes are not a verdict. Believe it or not, repeating a year can become a positive experience. And on top of that – it demonstrates that a student is committed to achieving their set goals and working hard to get the desired results and the university of their choice.

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Exams Anxiety