6 Possible Outcomes of A-Level Results Day…

…and the Options Available to You!

I remember the day I collected my A-Level results as if it were only yesterday. My mum was awake earlier than usual and busy cleaning the kitchen – she said she needed to do something to distract her from the anxiety. I laughed and explained that she wasn’t the one about to find out whether or not she was going to university next month.

For parents, teachers, students, and many others, Results Day is an important (and scary) date in the calendar. However whatever the result, there are always options available and things never need to be hopeless no matter how bad things might seem when you open that envelope.

Here I outline the possible outcomes of A-Level results and what you should do next:

1️⃣You achieved the grades required for your chosen course

Great! You’ll receive confirmation from your first choice university that will update you on the next steps. Time to celebrate!

2️⃣You achieved higher than expected grades

This is a unique and brilliant position to be in. It means you can apply through the adjustment to available courses which had asked for grades higher than you were predicted. Of course, you may still want to stick with your original first choice course, which is also fine.

3️⃣You narrowly missed the grades for your Firm offer

Then you’ll probably be automatically enrolled on your Insurance choice but check with your Firm choice university as they may still offer you a place.

4️⃣You no longer wish to study your first choice course

It’s OK to change your mind! Check out what Clearing options are available. You may also be able to switch courses at your current first-choice university – it’s best to contact them and see.

Alternatively, you can take a year out to study towards another A-Level and apply for different courses. We can help study towards an additional A-Level and you can easily switch to a new degree.

5️⃣You haven’t got a place on either your Firm or Insurance choice

Don’t panic! Life brings many challenges and this is one of them. It’s how you handle it that matters. Clearing exists for exactly this purpose. You may be contacted automatically by other universities offering a place on one of their available courses. Check out UCAS for the full detailed guidance on Clearing.

Alternatively, you might wish to re-sit an A-Level. This is also fine – do give us a call and we can go through what options are available in this instance.

We love to give students a second chance. Contact us today for a personal consultation.

6️⃣You know you’ll need to resit your exams

As above, this is fine. Many people find that results day brings a lot of upset but missing out on your grades doesn’t make you a failure. What matters is how you handle it. Pick yourself up, have a rethink and chat with Cherwell College about what options are available. I have a good friend who missed out on his grades, ended up working for a few years, and rethinking his options before going on to university to study Politics. He’s now in the Civil Service and looks back on his initial ‘failure’ as just another step in a winding journey.

Remember that for most people, life does not resemble a linear path that goes from success to success. Instead, it brings multiple challenges, pleasures, times of both hardship and joy. We hope that results day is a time for celebration but if it isn’t then don’t worry – there are many options out there to help you.

For more information about exam retakes, you can check out the CIFE website which gives further guidance.

Read our case studies for how we have helped exam retake students find success through our one-to-one tutorial system.

Would you like further advice? Then contact us today to see what options are available to you!