The City of Oxford

Oxford as a centre for education

Oxford is famous the world over for its University and place in history. For over 900 years, it has been home to world-class, distinguished scholars.

Live in an inspiring University city

It is unknown exactly when the university was first established. Many people say that Oxford University was never founded, but simply evolved. However, certainly during the late 11th or early 12th centuries Oxford became a remarkable centre of learning.

The "University" at that time consisted of students gathered around individual Masters. Students lived in academic halls, or in the house of the Master.

By the 13th century, Oxford was drawing students from all across Europe and was firmly established as an academic centre. The oldest colleges are Merton, Balliol, University College and Exeter.

Many of these were regional in nature. For instance, Jesus College students came from Wales and Queen's College from Cumberland.

The older colleges were religious foundations and not simply created for academic study. After the Black Death, students from New College replaced the many clergy who had died of the plague and St John's College was founded to educate Cistercian monks.

Cultural Activities in and around Oxford

Oxford has it all! With its mix of ancient and modern, many historical buildings, colleges or museums, parks and restaurants, theatres and shows, Oxford really does have it all.

Whether you are a culture vulture wishing to visit historical Oxford attractions such as Blenheim Palace (Britain's greatest palace and birthplace of Winston Churchill), the gallery at Christ Church College or the unique exhibits at Ashmolean Museum or are simply seeking to relax and indulge in a spot of retail therapy at Bicester Village – there are an array of activities at all times of the year.

Excellent transport links

Oxford also has excellent transportation links and London can be reached in just over an hour.



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