Parliament Week 2018

16th November 2018

As part of Cherwell College’s participation in Parliament Week  #UKPW18  our students held Hustings for an election next week, with three principal candidates – Ivan an Independent, Harry for The Labour Party, and Kamil for the Conservatives.


The standard of presentations was high:  policies were put forward on Nuclear Disarmament, Narcotic Legalization, the NHS, Education, Infrastructure, Democracy and Taxation.

Stiff questioning took place in a cordial and respectful atmosphere.  Despite votes for 16 year olds finding no favour amongst the student body, participation was enthusiastic and well informed.

Our head of politics was on hand to give learned advice; students debating skills will be further enhanced in their attendance & cooperation with the Oxford Union.

We look forward to the results as we seek to Engage, Explore and Empower our students, as part of their Civil Society development.

Parliament Week 2018