Why You Should Retake A-Levels

12th August 2019

If you didn't achieve your predicted grades in your exams, there are many reasons why retaking your A-Levels might be the best option for you - our Senior Academic Advisor Alan Carter breaks them down below:


Changing Examination Boards

Each examination board has a different approach, emphasis, and style of learning and teaching. It is also still possible to provide different certifications, such as the use of AS & A2 Certification in the case of Cambridge International CAIE A-Levels. 

Students subsequently find that they perform better in their A-Levels when they retake their exams with an examination board that better suits their style of learning.


Changing A-Level Subjects

Depending on the grades you received, changing A-Level subjects could be a better option. If you performed poorly on a certain subject, retaking your A-Levels with a new subject could be a great opportunity to improve your grades and explore a different area of interest.

Some universities may also increase the UCAS points offers for more popular courses for resits, so changing or adding subjects might also give you a better chance of receiving an offer from your desired university.


A-Level Retakes Show Drive and Commitment

Retaking A-Levels is the most straightforward way to win a place on a prestigious, in-demand course and to avoid settling for a lower-ranked course or university.

Taking a further year for A-Level retakes or additional subjects shows the determination and dedication that prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge look for in applicants. (Reminder: early registration for Medicine and Oxbridge admissions aptitude tests is essential!)


Avoid the Stress and Uncertainty of Appealing Grades

You can appeal your A-Level results if you believe your grades should have been higher. However, remarking also means that your grades could potentially go down. This can be a stressful and uncertain process, and may not be complete before your offer for a place on a course is lost; you would need to apply for the remarking process very soon after receiving your results (even if in Clearing or Adjustment) to have a realistic chance of it making a difference for the current entry year.


Where Can You Resit A-Levels?

Cherwell College Oxford is a centre for all UK registered examination boards, and can assess your individual situation to determine the best course of action for you, whether that be changing exam boards, studying new subjects, or receiving university application advice.

A-Level retakes with the JCQ boards can now only be taken in June. We can explore whether taking the Cambridge Board for AS & A2 may be a more successful option, with exams in November & June.

We also specialise in personalised one-to-one and small group tuition, and our subject tutors are Russell Group University and Oxbridge qualified. Even if you are considering just one or two subjects for resits, do contact us as soon as possible to reserve a place, as popular subjects such as maths and sciences fill up quickly after Results Day. 

Our academic team are always on hand to provide support for UCAS, the registration process, and to put your application in the best possible light. We also offer expert help for Oxbridge admissions - Cherwell College is uniquely located in the heart of Oxford, surrounded by Oxford University’s 39 constituent colleges.

A-Levels should be treated as ‘full time work’ and require a full-time commitment to realise your absolute potential, particularly if the effort required was lacking to some extent at the first sitting - make the commitment for your future today!


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