Student Story: From Summer Programme to University

31st July 2019

Julia is a university student who started attending Cherwell College Oxford's Summer Programmes from 2012, and is returning this year to the Summer Programme to work as a student leader. Read about her Summer experiences and how they helped her to develop:

What can be better than immersing yourself in English! Cherwell College Oxford offers an effective way to learn different types of subjects and provides excellent service to students and their parents. The possibility of practicing English 24/7 is definitely wonderful. I was lucky to start attending the programmes since 2012 as an international student. Every year it was something new and unexpected for me but at the same time it reflects the main events of the city of Oxford and its well-known University.

The first few trips were quite hard for me as we met a lot of people with different accents and I couldn’t understand everything on the spot. However, all the other students felt the same and we always managed to understand each other. We spent a lot of time outdoors in picturesque parks and on the streets of Oxford and London, and visited art galleries, museums, bookshops and cafes worth seeing.

I found it amazing that everybody had a chance to choose the subjects they admired or wanted to master, which differs a lot from our home school system.

Only the best tutors with profound knowledge of their subjects taught us in the most exciting way, even though some of the subjects were difficult. Everybody found something useful and cool for them every day, having an opportunity to gain priceless knowledge away from home.

Each summer programme wasn’t similar to the previous one as the main themes connected with the drama course and the play at the end of the programme differed. The themes were based on the masterpieces written by the famous authors such as: Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, J. R. R. Tolkien etc.

"The programme is not only educational but also fun and makes learning exciting"

The programme is not only educational but also fun and makes learning exciting. It influences students greatly, both mentally and physically. Summer programme activities never stop, and time flies quickly. It started from a home-style made breakfast in the students' residence, Cherwell House, then breath-taking intense classes and after a dynamic lunch we enjoyed numerous excursions, attended museums and galleries, practiced sports and saw the best theatrical performances.

Summer Programmes held by Cherwell College Oxford offer international students, from teenagers to young adults, to experience new things, gain a sense of independence and make new friends while participating in exciting activities and mastering English alongside with other subjects curated by tutors who have deep and profound knowledge in their field. At Cherwell College Oxford students develop a priceless ability to communicate with multiple people from all over the world and to become open-minded, sociable, friendly and creative. From my point of view, this is a great way to spend summer holidays.

The programs helped me to develop personal skills too. The break from home in a supportive environment gave me the opportunity to discover my strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, think creatively and solve problems, build self-esteem and, I hope, become independent thinker.

During the programmes we learned and developed new skills, communicated with peers through team working. I am certain they prepared us for future studying and having the time of our lives!

Cherwell College is also about finding new friends. We discovered friends for life from countries all over the world through relationships that we built while learning and having fun.

"I participated in the Summer programmes at first as a student, and they greatly influenced my future choice of specialty at University"

I participated in the Summer programmes at first as a student, and they greatly influenced my future choice of specialty at University. It provided me with a deep insight into English language, Literature, History, Drama and Art. When I successfully finished secondary school and entered Linguistic University in the Germanic department, I also had a chance to work with students at the Summer programme and my experience was totally great. A friendly, professional and supportive team was there all the day round always ready to give a helping hand or a piece of advice.

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