Excellent news from our GCSE student, Zuhayr

10th July 2020

“A great way to express your sense of responsibility and hone your subject based knowledge with study skills”

We have seen many people that are full of knowledge but cannot express it in the right manner. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn how to hone your explanatory skills. Explaining concepts to students develops your knowledge in a stronger manner and more solid understanding.

My experience has been of great benefit to me. I started by teaching physics to a younger student. Obviously, if I didn’t know the topic or the answer to his questions I would just say so. Anything I would tell him was information of which I was certain or were concepts out of the curriculum textbook.

Through this teaching, enabled me to remember many of the key concepts. As students, we miss some key concepts, so as a teacher I have learned some of the small but critical aspects that would help me in building my own knowledge.

My experience with teaching has made me develop in the sense that I know how it feels to be a teacher. The little things that students do not realise are either distracting or unproductive (like unrelated questions) which use up class time faster than you can teach! It is important to be on track.

I feel that students who have a strong understanding of their subjects should be encouraged to educate younger students who are travelling into the innovative world of the new subject.

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