What is it like to be a boarder?

17th May 2018

Whilst leaving home can be difficult for many students and being apart from children can be equally tough for parents, there are a number of advantages to boarding.  

For the student it provides a chance to explore areas of interest outside academic study. For instance many schools offer afternoons during the week that are dedicated to sporting or musical activities. This typically gives students a real advantage over non-boarders – it is perhaps no surprise that the majority of top athletes have come from boarding schools which give over significant time to sporting activities.

Another advantage is the amount of time spent with peers. Students might well study together but it is during the times outside the classroom where they will make lifelong friendships. Living together brings people closer, offering greater freedoms and responsibility which helps them prepare for life after school. Free time is an important part of life as a boarder. Students learn to manage how they spend it, whether it’s exploring the local town or being in their room, studying. They must balance their time so that they can develop their character whilst at the same time ensuring that they succeed in their studies. These challenges are unique to boarders.

At Cherwell College we have a newly built and highly desirable accommodation block. We believe that students should receive the best cooking, quality bedrooms and decent facilities for living. All students have their own shower room, large bed and a desk for studying. Students can access the college’s free Wi-Fi throughout the day and night. All of this helps students enjoy the best boarding experience that school can offer.

If you would like more information about being a boarding in the UK please contact us and we would be happy to provide impartial guidance.

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