Success story: AKA

“Cherwell College has provided me with a space where I can discuss ideas with similarly motivated students.”

I applied to Cherwell for convenience and quality. It has provided a space for me to refresh the content that I had missed during my medical-related absence from school without the burden of unnecessarily stringent regulations. Moreover, it allowed me to refresh this content with the assistance of a large group of highly qualified and passionate teachers.

What I’ve most enjoyed about the teaching at Cherwell is the emphasis on application, as opposed to just regurgitation of theory. When my Chemistry tutor, Kevin, incorporated his experience working as a chemist to practical topics such as recrystallization and titration, I was able to observe these topics through the lens of their real-life impacts on individuals and society as a whole, rather than just as scribblings in a textbook to memorize.

Cherwell College has provided me with a space free from distractions where I could discuss ideas with similarly motivated students and faculty.

I plan to either study Mathematics & Economics at New York University in Manhattan or pursue an Economics BSc at Warwick or Exeter. Currently, the NYC option seems more appealing given the diversity of the city, the glamour of Madison Square Garden, and the proximity to the financial powerhouse that is Wall Street.

I eventually took up a place at UCL through ‘UCAS Adjustment’.