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Stephen Clarke, Principal

Our Principal, Stephen Clarke, explains how Cherwell College helps students thrive.

Small group and one-to-one tuition in the heart of Oxford

I am proud to be at the forefront of Cherwell College Oxford, where our ethos is to develop a student’s abilities to the full: to instil confidence, independence and self-discipline all of which are necessary for life at the leading UK and international universities. Our College is distinguished in that tuition is tailored to the needs of each student. We unashamedly provide a bespoke approach toward our students both in academic and welfare matters. To quote from Einstein: We never teach pupils - we attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.

For us, students are at the heart of Cherwell College

The tutorial system at Cherwell College, which mirrors that of Oxford University, encourages our students to be independent thinkers and to become inspired to learn.        

Occasionally students arrive at Cherwell lacking confidence in their ability or underperforming but are soon recharged and exceeding their expectations

Other students of exceptional ability are often ‘held back’ by traditional teaching methods and need Cherwell’s inspirational environment to drive them forward on their educational pathway. 

Our prestigious location is in the very heart of Oxford at St George's Mansion - a magnificent five-storey Edwardian building offering breath-taking views over Oxford and comprise a suite of tutorial and lecture rooms, a supervised study area, a library and a common room.

Our outstanding facilities at Cherwell House (students' boarding accommodation) complement our teaching facilities and enable students to relax and take part in many extra-curricular enrichment activities e.g.: debates at the Oxford Union, local visits to the Ashmolean Museum and Blenheim Palace.

Students wishing to ‘get the best education’ and ‘preparation for university life’ should contact: secretary@cherwell-college.co.uk 

We aspire, unreservedly, to be the best College for UK, EU and international students.

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