Sports and Social

Cherwell College Oxford has a dedicated member of staff who organises sports and social activities to allow students to balance their academic studies with recreation.

Plenty of sports to choose from, at every level

Many students arriving at the College wish to maintain a high-level of commitment to sport, while others have merely a passing interest. Students of any level are welcomed and can be accommodated.

Our location in the centre of a major city means that students have ample opportunity to access a full-range of excellent sporting facilities, including sports centres, swimming pools, university facilities and myriad local clubs that range from Rowing to Chess and Athletics.

Social activities to suit all

Sport is not the only outlet for students' excess energy and the College has a very active social calendar for organised group events, including Film Club, Science Club, Quiz Nights, Karting and trips outside of Oxford.

The student body is encouraged to get actively involved in the planning and organisation of activities, to foster a sense of community and maintain their quality and variety. The social scene is punctuated by termly Gala Dinners at La Cosmopolite café at Cherwell House that afford the opportunity for students and staff to meet socially.

Opportunities to pursue academic interests beyond your studies

Students are invited to contribute towards the Cherwell Gazette, a termly publication that contains information about the College events, student achievements and articles written by students and staff on subjects of their choosing.

On some evenings, students attend professorial talks arranged internally or externally. In this, Cherwell College takes full advantage of its privileged connection to the Oxford Union, the prestigious debating society associated with the University of Oxford; we attend debates at the Union, as well as host Debating Workshops run by our partners at the Oxford Union.

Summer programme 2016

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