Science and Maths Faculty

Our Faculty of Science is based in Frewin Court, only a 2 minute walk from our main study centre.

It is equipped with a professional laboratory, which is used for science practicals in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The tutors at our Science Faculty are passionate about science, and help our students to achieve excellent academic results. Alongside promoting academic excellence, our experienced tutors organise regular visits to hospitals and science departments at Oxford University, to inspire our students to pursue careers in science.

Last month, our Biology and Chemistry tutor Katherine Ely submitted an article to CIFE, advising prospective students on the requirements and possibilities of Biology A-level.

In May, our students visited the Oxford Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research. The purpose of this trip was to encourage the students to engage with the applications of technology on medical treatments. Here is what one of our students had to say about the experience:

“I enjoyed the opportunity to see a heart beating in real time with the MRI scan and having it explained so well by an expert…. I especially enjoyed the talk from Jenna about her work in cardiology and her showing us real scans as examples of what she uses the scanner for and how it enables her to conduct her research. The experience was wonderful and very insightful and I am very thankful as the trip confirmed at this stage that I want my future studies to be in the field of medical research and Jenna's talk really encouraged me to keep pursuing this career path.”


Tutors in Science

Katherine Ely - Biology and Chemistry Tutor


Katherine is a long-standing member of the Science faculty here at Cherwell College. She teaches both GCSE and A-level students in Biology and Chemistry.

Katherine is the winner of the Browen Herbertson prize for outstanding academic and practical achievement. She also holds a City & Guilds Teaching Certificate.


BSc Hons in Biochemistry from King's College, London

Diploma of Chiropractice (Human) from McTimoney College of Chiropractice.


Julian Fox - Physics Tutor


Julian is an experienced Physics tutor and has taught in tutorial colleges in Oxford for many years. A qualified teacher, Julian is also a keen sportsman and musician; he plays Real Tennis and has been involved in coaching rowing. Julian also enjoys theatre, having performed in a production of Jane Austen's Emma recently.


MA in Engineering Science from Wadham College, University of Oxford

PGCE from University of Oxford


Tutors in Maths

Barry Clarke - Tutor in Maths


Barry is an accomplished Maths tutor at Cherwell. His interests are diverse, and he has recently published a book on Maths puzzles.



BSc and MSc in Theoretical Physics from University of Hull

DPhil in Shakespeare Studies, Brunel University


Mark Hannon - Maths and Further Maths Tutor



Mark is an experienced teacher and examiner. His other interests involve quizzing, and he won BBC's Mastermind in 2008.


BSc in Mathematics, University of Lancaster

MSc in Statistics, University of Oxford




Cherwell College Science Success Stories

Student: Haiqi Wu, 20 years old, China

Started A-level in 2014

Subjects:  Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology

University offers: University of Oxford, Imperial College London, King’s College London, and Warwick University

Specialty: Mathematics

“My first year at Cherwell was also my first year in the UK. I was initially a bit nervous about starting Pre-University, but the members of staff and my fellow classmates made this transition easy for me.

I took up Maths, Further maths, Physics and Chemistry as my A-Level subjects. I enjoyed and benefitted immensely from the one-to-one tutorial set up. My tutors often used some interesting examples during the lessons when I got stuck at some points. The tutorial system is also designed to reduce any distraction during the learning process….

People in Cherwell … explained to me again and again how the admission process works and led me overcame the most stressful period when I was preparing for my interview at Oxford University.”


Macintosh HD:Users:Kateryna:Desktop:52 screen (1).jpgStudent: Maria Liu, 19 years old, UK

Started A2 level in 2015

Subjects:  Maths, Chemistry, Biology

University offers: King’s College London, UCL, Queen Mary University, and an unconditional from Royal Holloway

Specialty: Bio-medical Science

“When I first came to Cherwell I was low on self-confidence owing to some bad exam results but Cherwell was very welcoming and non-judgmental. They focused mainly on moving forward and set me up with some very good tutors for 1:1 tuition which helped me a lot. Overtime, I no longer felt anxiety/fear going to chemistry lessons and began to fill in any gaps in knowledge and honed in exam techniques.”



StudeMacintosh HD:Users:Kateryna:Desktop:62 screen.jpgnt: Iusiph Eiubovi, 18 years old, Georgia

Started A-level in 2014

Subjects: Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Russian

University offers: St. Andrews, Durham, UCL, and Imperial College London

Specialty: Chemical Engineering, Materials Science

“Among my achievements I would like to mention the improvement of academic English skills. Tutorial system (one to one tuition) assisted to increase my potential in better understanding my chosen subjects.

It is a chance for me to discover new horizons for myself. I am pleased to realize that my knowledge has deepened and my skills improved a lot, and I plan to develop it further in future...

We have a small, but rather friendly international student community in the College, which allows me to feel as if it weren’t a second home….

I also would like to share my enjoyment from the most famous debate chamber, Oxford Union Society where you feel yourself as part of Oxford University students’ community.”




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