A Level or GCSE Retakes

Are you looking to retake any A-Levels or GCSEs?

At Cherwell College Oxford we understand that things don’t always go to plan and that sometimes the final grade isn’t what you needed or hoped for. The first thing to remember is that this doesn’t make you a failure - exams are meant to be challenging and retaking them does not indicate lower academic ability.  

At Cherwell College we offer comprehensive and highly effective retake courses for A-level, Cambridge Pre-U, GCSE, and IGCSE students. These courses are delivered as either one-year programmes or accelerated booster courses which range between one to two terms.


The primary aim is to get students their desired grade is quickly as possible


One-to-one and small-group Tuition

Quite often a student misses out on their desired grade through very simple mistakes such as misreading the question, writing too little, running out of time, or missing some key information. To help with this, our one-to-one tutorials aim to get to the root of the problem without the distraction of other students.

To see what makes one-to-one tuition work, check out this short clip from Harry:



One-year retakes

We also offer students the opportunity to retake GCSE examinations through our one-year fast-track programme. It is usually advisable to revisit and review the entire syllabus systematically, addressing areas of weakness and rebuilding confidence through careful explanation of key topics.

In some cases, the students decide to switch to a new examination board which is more suited to their own learning styles. This enables students to tailor courses to their own learning preferences, be this a greater emphasis on coursework or topics more closely aligned with their interests.

One-year courses offer the additional benefit of enabling the college to oversee and support university re-application, which is of particular benefit to students applying to competitive courses such as Law or Medicine.


"After just one term I was able to retake a number of my exams and achieved 9 GCSEs all at at grade B or higher"
Joseph Scholes, 2016-18 student


Booster courses over one or two terms

Some students only need to retake specific units to secure their target grades. In these cases a short retake course over one or two terms, focusing primarily on examination technique and practice, will often be sufficient.

Short and targeted booster courses allow our students to concentrate on specific areas of weakness in the components they are retaking.


Our method for successful retakes

Each student’s situation is different. Our first task is to meet with the individual and go over their past achievements and exam grades. We will ask a number of questions to try to see what went wrong in the exam. This will help us provide you with the right tutor and map out a timetable that works best for you. 

Following an application and enrolment at Cherwell College, the student will be allocated a tutor for each subject and through one-to-one support, regular progress testing, mock examinations, and revision courses, we will aim to put things right and get you back on track.

Click here to learn more about our tutors and here to read some of our student success stories.


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