Retake courses

Cherwell College Oxford (the College) offers comprehensive and highly effective retake courses for A-level, Cambridge Pre-U, GCSE and IGCSE students. These courses are delivered as either one-year programmes or accelerated booster courses which rang between one to two terms.

One-to-one and small-group Tuition

All retake students receive individual and small-group tuition in their required subjects. This may be supplemented by group practical or field work, as required.

One-year retakes

At Cherwell College, we offer students the opportunity to retake GCSE examinations over a one-year, remedial programme.  It is usually advisable to revisit and review the entire syllabus systematically, addressing areas of weakness and rebuilding confidence through careful explanation of key topics.

In some cases, the student may decide to switch to a new examination board which is more suited to student’s individual learning styles. This enables students to tailor courses to their own learning preferences, be this a greater emphasis on coursework or topics more closely aligned to their interests.

One-year courses offer the additional benefit of enabling the college to oversee and support the university re-application, which is of particular benefit to students applying to competitive courses such as Law or Medicine.

Booster courses over one or two terms

Some students only need to retake specific units to secure their target grades. In these cases a short retake course over one or two terms, focusing primarily on examination technique and practice, will often be sufficient.

Short and targeted booster courses allow our students to concentrate on specific areas of weakness in the components they are retaking.

Retake methodology at Cherwell College

Each student’s situation is different and the College carefully assesses previous student’s performance and grades at the interview stage, analysing the reasons for prior under-performance, before recommending a course of study.

Regular progress testing, both under examination conditions and in informal short assessments, supplements our retake courses. We have found that regular testing is fundamental to success when preparing for exam retakes.

The College retake programmes involve methodical and comprehensive review of the syllabus content, ensuring that the material is understood thoroughly so that it can be recalled and applied systematically under time pressure during public examinations. Experienced tutors, experts not only in the subject areas but also in the examination rubric and assessment objectives, ensure that their students acquire both the knowledge and the technique that will enable them to secure the highest possible grades.

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