Oxbridge Preparation

Oxbridge Support for Cherwell College Students

Cherwell College offers a great deal of support to those students applying to Oxford, Cambridge, or other top UK and international universities.

We offer:

  • Mock interviews
  • Bespoke UCAS advice
  • Personal Statement Guidance
  • Preparation for entrance tests (LNAT, PAT, BMAT etc.)
  • Advice on choosing a college
  • Course guidance

We are also able to offer an intensive summer programme, for students wishing to apply to Oxbridge in the Academic year 2020-21.

Mock Interviews

At Cherwell College, we are able to offer mock interviews with experts in their academic fields. Our teachers will provide detailed feedback on individual interviews, and offer advice on how to improve. Our interviewers are not only experts in their fields, but have often been involved in the admissions process for top UK and international universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

We also find that the tutorial system we employ at Cherwell College helps to boost our students' confidence in intensive, academic situations, and thereby encourages them to perform well at A-level.

Bespoke UCAS advice

Alan Carter, a member of our dedicated Academic Team, is an expert  in the UCAS admissions service and helps all of our students successfully apply to top UK universities. He has an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of different universities, and is able to match students on an individual basis with those institutions most appropriate.

Alan would also be able to help those students wishing to apply to universities elsewhere, including Ivy League and Ivy Plus universities in the USA.

Personal Statement Guidance

In order to make a successful application to a top UK university, students will need to produce a thoughtful and thought-provoking personal statement. Our academic team is able to offer guidance on this, again on an individual basis.

At Cherwell, there are also plenty of opportunities to build on your interests; this reflects well in the personal statement. Recent such activities have included:

  • Oxford Union Debate Workshops
  • Maths Olympiad
  • Public lecture attendance
  • 'Green Team' initiative

Preparation for Entrance Tests

To get into top universities and competitive courses (including Law and Medicine), additional tests are required by some universities. Cherwell College Oxford organises tutorials for interested students in subject-specific entrance tests. 

These include SAT, ACT, PAT, ELAT, LAT, HAT, Step Exams, TSA, BMAT, and LNAT - among others.

Advice on choosing a college

One of the most formative parts of any Oxford or Cambridge experience is attending a college. Colleges make up the collective universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and each have their own distinct flavours.

At Cherwell College we are greatly experienced in this area, and can advise students on which college would suit them best. Additionally, a benefit of being in Oxford is that our students can visit the colleges any time they like - and Cambridge is only a bus ride away!

Course guidance

With a vast array of subjects, sometimes choosing the right course can be difficult. This is especially true if a student has broad and numerous interests. At Cherwell College, we help our students research which courses suit their interests best. From here, we can advise our students on the best strategy in making a successful application to a top UK institution.



Oxbridge Preparation - Summer Course

Our Oxbridge programmes are designed to equip high-achieving and aspirational students with the tools they need to succeed in intensive academic environments (including interviews, entrance tests, tutorials).

The programme is structured around 15 hours of individual tuition per week. 

In addition to this, all students on our Oxbridge Preparation programme will take part in our enrichment activities - these can include theatre, art, day trips and sport.

Fee: £1375 per week.*

*All prices include tuition, accommodation, excursions, meals (breakfast, dinner, packed lunch).


Our summer courses last 1 - 4 weeks.

Please click here for information about alternative Summer programmes at Cherwell college.



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