How we look after you

High-quality tutoring

The teaching staff at Cherwell College combine academic flair with enthusiasm and patience in tutoring the subject material. Tutors are united in their ability to impart their knowledge to students in an atmosphere that is friendly yet respectful, challenging and enjoyable. The mutual aim is for the student to learn all that is to be taught, with the ultimate reward of success.

An emphasis on student welfare

The College’s Welfare Officers act as a friend, mentor and confidant to students, keeping a watchful and protective eye not only over academic progress but also the general wellbeing of the students. Students are invited to book regular appointments with the Welfare and Academic teams, to talk over academic progress, reports, private study arrangements, timetable and any domestic issues that may have arisen and to ensure that generally all is well.

Individual attention for all our students

Every student at the College is treated as an individual. To perform well academically we realise that each pupil must be well cared for, confident and happy. Only then, we can expect the motivation and commitment that allows students to realise their very highest potential for academic performance.

Our welfare teamDedicated welfare team

The Welfare Officer keeps a watchful and sympathetic eye on general wellbeing and is always attentive to any health or emotional upset that may arise. All students are positively encouraged to come and speak with whichever member of staff they feel most at ease.

In addition, we also have an Independent Listener, to whom students can talk if they want to speak to someone outside of school. Our Independent Listener is Nigel Moyse, who can be contacted by email or phone ( / 07745 951164).



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