Our outstanding Art Studio - Cantay House, Oxford

Our professional tutors provide tuition for A-level and GCSE in the following areas:

  • Art and Design

  • History of Art

  • Photography

  • Textiles

A-level Art and Design provides students with opportunities to develop personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, environments and cultures in practical, critical and contextual forms.

AS and A-Level specifications require students to develop their ability in a range of skills. These include:

  • independence of mind in developing their own ideas

  • an interest and enthusiasm for art and design

  • the experience of working with a range of media, including traditional and new media and technologies

  • an awareness of different roles, functions, audiences and consumers of art and design practice.


Meet some of our Art Tutors

Graham Coles – Art tutor

 Graham completed his MA from the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford. He has been teaching Art & Design for over thirty years now, having taught in different parts of the UK and for a few years in New Zealand.

Dulcy Lott – Photography tutor

Dulcy studied at FAD UJEP, Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic, where she got 1st class Masters in Fine Art Photography. She also studied Photography at Derby University: 2:1 Photography BA (HONS)

John Blythe – Photography tutor

John's background encompasses a 20 year career as a professional commercial photographer working with advertising and design agencies and high profile brands worldwide. Having complete a PgDip(Ed) in 2016, John’s focus now is as a practicing artist and specialist teacher of photography at Foundation and A level. John is currently completing a Masters in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University.


English through Art Summer programme

Our last English through Art Summer programme was dedicated to William Shakespeare and his masterpieces. It included the classical Art sessions combined with excursions to Ashmolean museum where our students enjoyed the best samples of traditional English paintings as well as the works by French Impressionists. As part of the programme they visited the National Portrait Gallery in London. The students prepared an interesting presentation at the end of the course.


Art Student Success Stories

Please see below the profiles of some of our current students.


A budding designer, Liam joined us in March 2017 to finish off his A-levels in Art and Graphic Design. 

With a minimlaist style, Liam's artworks are uniquely well-thought through and clear. In his final studies at Cherwell, Liam has looked particularly at Pop Art and its percieved failure.

Liam's experience extends beyond the classroom; he has previously interned at Yves Saint Laurent, and applies this experience in creating cohesive and clear designs both in Graphics and Art.

Liam has an offer from Central St. Martin's to study Product Design in September 2017.

Aside from his talent for Art, Liam also is an excellent Badminton player and golfer.



Pengzhou is currently studying Maths, Physics, Further Maths and Art. He began his studies in Art only in September 2016, and has since completed an entire A-level in only one year. The one-to-one tutorial system allows for this acceleared approach, for some students.

Pengzhou's art is based largely on his architectural interests; for this reason, many of his pieces are 3-D and inspired by architectural forms. In this regard, Pnegzhou is able to draw on influences both in the UK and from his native China.

Pengzhou took up art to aid his application to top UK universities to study Architecture - a famously competitve course. Pengzhou has now secured an offer to study Architecture at UCL in London.

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