Studying at Cherwell College

Small-group tuition and one-to-one tutorials

Our students benefit from small-group tuition supplemented by one-to-one tuition; indeed, the tutorial style of learning is central to life at Cherwell College.  This system allows the student to study at their own pace and in their own style, with the undivided attention and help of a highly-qualified, specialist tutor.

Flexible start dates

Start dates at Cherwell College are not fixed in September, as with many schools. The flexibility and personalised nature of the tutorial system allows students to commence, or continue, their studies with us at non-typical points in the year.

Achieving the best results

The tutorial system at Cherwell College enables all of our students to flourish, by providing personalised support and encouragement. As a result, our students achieve the best grades possible.

Admission to top universities

The bespoke programmes at Cherwell College mean that all of our students are equipped with the necessary support and information, as well as outstanding tuition, to enable them to progress to top institutions, both in the UK and abroad.

Cherwell College alumni have attended many prestigious institutions, including the University of Oxford, Royal Holloway University, Southampton University.

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