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Flexible A-level start dates

The personalised nature of the tutorial system at Cherwell College means that students may join the College and embark upon their studies at any point in the academic year. This sets us apart from other colleges, where start dates are fixed in September.

Accelerated A-level study

Although most students take A-levels over two years, the tutorial system at Cherwell College means that we can deliver A-level programmes successfully over four to six terms.

One year A-level programmes

The flexible and intensive teaching structure in place at Cherwell enables the College to support students through intensive one-year, fast-track A-level programmes. Subject choices should be made carefully, with due consideration of the student’s prior knowledge of the subject, the distribution of marks between coursework and examination and the amount of practical work involved.

With the guidance of our expert and engaging tutors, as well as a substantial investment of time and effort from students outside of the classroom, it is possible to complete our one-year A-level programme. In this case, individual tutorials are complimented by regular subject-focused study skills sessions and revision seminars.

Support with choosing your A-levels

Choosing the subjects is an important decision and one that is discussed fully at the interview stage, during which students’ interests, prior knowledge, aptitude and higher education ambitions are considered. Some A-levels are more manageable than others and can thus be covered more quickly, especially those with a larger coursework component.

If you need more advice on choosing your a-levels, please see CIFE, our partner website, where useful advice articles are posted on a regular basis.

Excellent selection of A-level subjects

There is no restriction on the combination of subjects that students may take, although we recommend taking between three to four A-level subjects. Comprehensive advice on suitability is offered but no imposition made: the combination will be of the student's choosing with the opportunity of change should the reality of the subject not mirror the expectation.

Due to the bespoke nature of courses at Cherwell College, the range of subjects that can be studied at Cherwell College is vast. The diversity of subjects available creates a vibrant academic atmosphere.



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