Unconditional Offers From Imperial College London and UCL

26th August 2019

Evelyn, one of Cherwell College Oxford's talented students, has received unconditional offers from both Imperial College London and University College London (UCL).

Evelyn joined our 2-year A-level programme after an unsuccessful term of A-level studies at a large boarding school.

She realised that large classroom teaching would not help her academic aspirations to materialise and decided to move to our tutorial system. 

Evelyn took the utmost from public lectures at Oxford University and was actively involved in the College enrichment programme. Her interest in Earth Science encouraged her to present very interesting projects with her peers as part of our Science Club. 

We wish Evelyn the very best with her future university studies!

Cherwell College provided me with a good education and learning environment which helped me get admitted to the universities I want to go. I'm really grateful for the support and encouragement from the school and tutors, and I would like to continue my study in Earth Science and explore the mysteries of our beautiful planet.

If you are wanting to see the same great results as Evelyn, contact secretary@cherwell-college.co.uk to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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