Students enjoy an interesting and informative excursion to Osney Lock Hydro

2nd October 2018


On Thursday the 27th of October, Cherwell students enjoyed a beautiful walk from their halls of residence (Cherwell house) to Osney Lock Hydro, as part of Michaelmas term's schedule.
It was a beautiful autumn day, perfect for an adventure. When we reached Osney Island, we were greeted by a woman who is part of the community project, which created the Hydro. She told us many things about Osney Island, plus, that the hydro uses a reverse Archimedean screw and explained that the hydro is the latest manifestation of a centuries-old tradition of harnessing the river to provide power to our community. 
The students enjoyed the experience and went away gaining a better understanding of how to use the river to create clean, green electricity.

Post by Dulcy Lott

Osney Lock Hydro

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