Cherwell students get a taste of Oxford Union Debating

20th October 2017

This House Believes in Keynesian Economics was the title of this week's debate which followed a workshop hosted by undergraduate PPE students studying at Brasenose College, Oxford.

Cherwell students enjoyed learning about the structure and nuances of British Parliamentary Debate before forming their own arguments as either the proposition or opposition to the question This House Believes in Keynesian Economics, with both sides offering insightful and well thought-out arguments. 

Fred Pankov in Y13 said,

"For me it was a wonderful experience because I have never taken a part in an event like such. I think that both teams were well prepared and did well in the debate itself. Members of Oxford Union explained the style and the required criteria for the debate well and it was easy to adapt. In my opinion, we have great speakers who can deliver the information needed and response to the questions well on both teams. I would like to take a part in the next debate workshop and hope that it will be even better"


Congratulations to all who took part!

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