On-Line programme for A-level and GCSE studies

11th August 2020

Welcome to our 2020-2021 

On-Line programme for

A-level and GCSE studies


Mini groups (4-5 students)                                                 

 Age:  14+


Following the UK government guidance of the coronavirus pandemic, Cherwell College Oxford developed a tailor-made OnLine programme to cater for the academic needs of students. The programme helps students achieve the highest qualifications in traditional subjects through bespoke teaching, which will enable entry to Oxbridge, UK Russell Group Universities or a leading University in the world.
We deliver our full time on-line academic programme with maximum efficiency & flexibility at a competitive cost: covers academic, social, cultural and wellbeing. Lessons are held in real-time format with physical presence of the students in the virtual classroom – not a video.

Students actively participate in the class.  


On-line platform enables students to: ask questions, share their points of view, engage in discussions, make contribution on-line, receive timely and academic feedback from their highly qualified Oxbridge tutors.


We assist UK and International students wherever they are in the world to prepare for future studies. Students actively engage in brainstorming, problem solving tasks, debates and project presentations. Tutor directs, monitors and controls all in-class activities, assigns homework, tests, mock exams, responds to questions and gives timely feedback on written work. 


The platform allows evaluation and advice on each student’s progress. 

Throughout the programme, students receive monthly evaluation of their academic progress and tests.


IGCSE programme includes 5 subjects, Tuition 15 hours per week on-line:


Core subjects: Maths; English; Science Double Award (eg. Chemistry, Physics)


Optional subjects*: History; Geography; Business Studies; Economics


A-level programme comprises 3 academic subjects, Tuition 15 hours per week on-line.


We offer all exam boards and the following Academic subjects:


Maths        Further Maths            Economics    History    English          Politics        


Business Studies      Psychology   Physics         Chemistry          Biology             


French       German  Spanish      Chinese            Russian           Italian


We support and guide our students in Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).


We offer E-learning with high calibre Oxbridge tutors, spend you free time to master  your Academic skills and to perceive the unique Oxford style! 

Stay at home and enjoy the unforgettable experience with Cherwell College Oxford from the heart of the well-known University city. 


Looking forward to seeing you in the virtual classes at Cherwell College Oxford!


Register at secretary@cherwell-college.co.uk

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Limited places available for 2020 intake
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