Meet Our New Residential Staff

28th August 2019

We recently welcomed two new members of staff, Anca and Tony, to the residential and student welfare team based at Cherwell House, our student accommodation block:

Anca - Head of Boarding

"I am starting my journey at Cherwell College with great enthusiasm, knowing that I will be part of a community with exceptional students and staff.

I believe that each person has certain qualities and abilities which make them whom they are and mine is working with young adults to shape their development. My experience is considerable and varied, having worked in different residential school environments in the UK.

The promotion of kindness, the respect of one self and others and the teaching of sound moral values are all important attributes which I value and I hope they will be reflected in our daily endeavors."


Tony - Activities Manager

"It has been my privilege to extensively work and learn with young people and boarders over the last 31 years; all from varying backgrounds, nationalities, personal circumstances and self-worth. I have worked in Residential Schools with challenging behaviour pupils, a provision for severe SEN including physically, and have for 18 years managed and owned Children Homes for children with varying Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. My last 3 years I was the Housemaster of a rural Independent Boarding School.

My role here at Cherwell House is to promote and give structure to the daily lives of the students, ensuring they are stimulated and inspired through enriching activities, challenging them both physically and mentally, and above all ensuring the students are routined, focused and fresh to study, whilst being able to laugh, create memories and above all have some FUN."

Anca and Tony will both be residing at Cherwell House as part of students' 24/7 welfare provision, and we look forward to seeing them continue to create a nurturing and positive boarding environment for our students!

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