Skills gained in excellent masterclass

27th February 2018

​On Monday 26 February we were delighted to welcome Cassandra from Young Enterprise Oxfordshire and her team of volunteers to run a workshop on employability to a number of our Year 12 and 13 students.

The day started with looking at various brands and asking the question ‘how would you like to be defined?’ Students considered their own brand and how they are viewed by potential employers. It is clear that in today’s fast changing world where individuals change jobs more frequently that having your own brand is vital for success. It might be that you are known in the industry as an excellent seller and communicator, or that you can offer expert presentations or that you have a real passion for a particular cause or industry. Either way, knowing this and selling it means that you’re more likely to land that top job.

From this we explored social media use and how what we say in the public domain follows us. This needn’t always be a bad thing. For example if you are known as someone who provides insightful comments on politics or a particular industry then your brand will be stronger and it is easier to market yourself to employers.

After lunch we considered what makes for the perfect interview, looking at key dos and don’ts. We explored some funny stories from our volunteers including cases where they were very ill prepared for an interview, in one instance knowing nothing about the job at all (they weren’t successful)!

We then moved onto how to write a great CV and covering letter. Our students were able to put pen to paper and begin to write their own.

All-in-all, this was a fantastic day. We especially enjoyed being able to present our own STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) structured answers to questions such as tell me a time when you worked as a team etc.

The insights gained from Young Enterprise were remarkably valuable and we all gained skills that we can carry forward.


Thank you again to Cassandra and her team!

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