Cherwell Students make their case at the latest debate hosted by the Oxford Union

30th November 2017

‘This house believes in a written constitution’ was the latest in a series of debates this term. The evening kicked off with some debating guidance from the expert Oxford University PPE students, Will and Alan. Will explained that the aim of the evening was to focus on

signposting. This is the technique where the debater uses key words and phrases to guide the audience through their points, thereby making their argument clear and strong.

The Proposing team (Government) made excellent points about the value of a written constitution upholding the rights of a nation’s citizens and enshrining in law key issues such as voting and ministerial behaviour.

The opposition gave some convincing arguments about the need for a flexible, and therefore unwritten, constitution, citing America’s strict constitution as an example of one that is difficult to change when circumstances call for it.

Well done to both teams and another huge thank you to Will and Alan for their expert guidance and judgement. We look forward to more debates to come.

We also look forward to continuing this topic when the students hear Professor AC Grayling from New College of the Humanities speaking on the UK's constitution. 

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